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Why Paperclip & Cloud? Simply put, technology is only of one tool in your arsenal, whether you still using a filing cabinet, are fully cloud based or a combination of the two, your workflow needs to be smart. Just adding the latest technology or system that you heard about on Facebook is not the answer. There are lots of software solutions available but finding the fit your business is key.

Your Systems and processes need to support you now, and in the future.  Implementing systems and automation, process mapping and documenting SOP’s will ensure that you can scale and evolve without losing clarity and control.

Time is a precious resource so let’s use it wisely!

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With over 25 years of experience in PA, Client Service Management and Office Management roles, documenting procedures and training staff on how to use systems efficiently has always been at the core of Vicky’s career. A few years ago, she formed her business so she could utilise her experience to help as many small businesses as possible. She now helps businesses in all industries to leverage technology and implement streamlined workflows, so they can operate as efficiently as possible. 



Jake is wiz at supporting Vicky in client projects. Jake was building and running Mine Craft servers at 10 yrs old and he has always had a passion for new technology. He is currently studying a Diploma of Business and brings a fresh prospective to every project.



Sam is a 3rd year uni student at Queensland University of Technology studying Computer Science and Business Management.   He is currently on the Deans list for both Technology and Business. At Paperclip & Cloud he assists with product research, testing and integrations.

Mission, Vission & Values

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Wendy Hotchkiss - Coastal Living Renovations NSW, Australia

“‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Victoria. She guided and assisted my husband, ( a non tech savy tradie), through the process of selecting and implementing a CRM software, quoting and invoicing database as he had been using a cumbersome practically manual system for some time. She is extremley dedicated, knowledgeable in all aspects of IT programs to assist and minimise administrative tasks and went to great lengths to research and trial several suitable options. She liaised seamlessly with our new website designer whilst keeping us in the loop at all times. The costs to complete the work and inplement the entire system were so minimal considering time amount she spent assisting us through the process. We will also be keeping Victioria on hand to provide 2 hours of time monthly to update any aspects and assist with regular improvements.

Clementine Fleuranvil - Accounting Of The Palm Beaches, Florida USA

Good day, I just wanted to take a moment and thank Victoria Richardson for helping me set up my SuiteDash system.

She’s experienced, very helpful, responsive and most importantly patient, which worked well for me and my personality.
Victoria Richardson is knowledgeable about CRM systems, beyond SuiteDash! Initially we spoke about my needs and what I was trying to accomplish. We agreed that SuiteDash would be the best solution and we came up with a game plan.
Oh yeah, I wanted to have my account up and running within two weeks, and we did just that, collaboratively.
Guys, I’m starting to think that she’s a vampire because she’s always up and working.
Thank you Victoria Richardson!
I appreciate you and I look forward to our continued collaboration.


Not all systems will work for everyone and my job is the find the one that works best for you and your business. I work with any system that is right for you.